Your Home Base - luxury apartment community amenity outdoor lounge

Your Home Base

Enjoying live music at local venues while walking your dog makes for a perfect evening. At Alexan Riverside, we get that. That’s why our place is designed not just for living but for living well. Our luxury apartments come with awesome amenities like a pet spa. We’re also well-connected to East Riverside’s vibrant scene, making your life more exciting and enjoyable. Take a closer look at how living at Alexan Riverside can truly elevate your lifestyle and become your home base.

Pamper Your Pooch

First off, let’s talk about treating your furry friend. Our pet spa is the perfect spot to groom your pet and keep them looking their best. No more mess in your bathroom or expensive trips to the groomer. With the right tools and equipment, you can easily wash, dry, and take care of your furry friend at home. This makes pet grooming a convenient option for pet owners. It’s a simple way to take care of your four-legged family member, making pet ownership a breeze. This amenity is a clear sign we’re not just about the basics; we’re about adding that little extra luxury to your life.

Connect with East Riverside

Living at Alexan Riverside means experiencing the best of what East Riverside has to offer. You’ll find something that suits your interests within walking distance from your doorstep. Whether you’re a foodie, music lover, or an outdoor enthusiast. The neighborhood is always buzzing with activity, from live music venues to cool bars and tasty restaurants. This makes your nights and weekends exciting and fun-filled. Plus, with several walking and biking trails nearby, you can stay active and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But what truly sets us apart is our connection to the local community. We’re not just a place to live. We’re a gateway to experiences that can elevate your lifestyle and make you feel a part of something bigger.

Your Home Base

Our luxury apartments are more than just a place to crash. They’re designed with your comfort and style in mind. With top-notch finishes and thoughtful layouts, your home is your sanctuary. But it’s not just about the inside; our community amenities extend your living space. From the pet spa to the vibrant local scene right on your doorstep, every aspect of Alexan Riverside is aimed at enhancing your life. It’s about giving you the luxury and convenience you deserve.

At Alexan Riverside, we’re all about creating a living experience that goes above and beyond. Our luxury apartments, unique amenities like the pet spa, and our unbeatable location in East Riverside are just the beginning. We’ve tailored our community to fit the dynamic lifestyles of our residents, ensuring that every day is an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. We invite you to see how Alexan Riverside can elevate your lifestyle and become your home base. Take a tour, soak in the atmosphere, and start your next chapter with us. It’s time to live the life you’ve always wanted, surrounded by the luxury amenities that make it possible.