Flavor Fiesta Right Next Door - taco pic by FoodWanderer Dec. 2020 on Yelp

Flavor Fiesta Right Next Door

Got a craving? We’ve got some super exciting news for you! If you’re living at Alexan Riverside or thinking about joining our community, get ready for a treat. Located near upscale restaurants that truly elevate your living experience. Let’s start with tacos! But it’s not your ordinary taco. So, don’t miss out on a flavor fiesta right next door!

Taco Galore at Taco More!

You know that feeling when you just need a taco? Well, guess what? Taco More is just around the corner, they serve up some of the amazing tacos in the area! From the soft tortilla to the perfectly seasoned fillings, each bite is a trip to flavor town. But that’s not all!

More Than Just Tacos!

While their tacos are amazing, Taco More offers a whole lot more. Dreaming of hot and...

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals - state-of-the-art fitness center

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We have exciting news for those who aim to stay on top of their fitness game. You know, the ones who believe that a good sweat session can work wonders? Yes, we’re talking to you! At Alexan Riverside, we offer state-of-the-art fitness facilities catering to all fitness enthusiasts. Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, or yoga, our fitness center has everything you need to...

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Reaching New Heights - spacious living room

Reaching New Heights

Elevate your lifestyle with the welcoming openness and airiness at Alexan Riverside. We understand the importance of a space that feels like home, and here, every apartment is designed to give you room to breathe and live comfortably. Our friendly community values spacious interiors that invite natural light and promote upscale living. With Alexan Riverside, you’re not just getting an...

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If spacious living is what you're after, Alexan Riverside's B5: Austin 2-bedroom apartment is the answer. Schedule a tour today!

B5: Austin 2-Bedroom Apartment

Living in a spacious home can make all the difference to your lifestyle. It offers comfort, convenience, and ample room to live your best life. At Alexan Riverside, we believe in providing these spaces. Our B5: Austin 2-bedroom apartment floor plan is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

B5: Austin 2-Bedroom Apartment

With 1,245 SF of total living space, the B5 apartment floor...

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Get into The Buzz - drink options pic by Claire A. Feb 2021 on Yelp

Get into The Buzz

A buzzing hub in the neighborhood, The Buzz Mill offers a unique experience for all who walk through its doors. This special spot is known for its deliciously brewed coffee, unique menu of craft beers, and house-infused elixirs. All set in an atmosphere designed for relaxation and social connection. Get in the buzz at The Buzz Mill near Alexan Riverside!

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