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Spacious Homes in Austin

Check us out at Alexan Riverside if you are looking for spacious homes in Austin. With extra space comes a sense of luxury and indulgence. Engage in activities that you can only do in a relaxed place. Live with more here at Alexan Riverside.

Vertically Spacious

Our apartments offer extra verticality. With at least 9-foot or higher ceilings, always have the vertical space to hang anything you want. From luxurious chandeliers to long mistletoes, the sky is the limit. Enjoy the breathing room here at Alexan Riverside!

Secure Homes

Everyone has that looming fear of someone invading their homes. Fret not, as our apartments feature intrusion alarms. Get a heads up as soon as someone unwanted puts a single step inside your home. We want you to be able to sleep soundly inside your abode.

Saving Space in Austin

Nothing makes a place feel cramped more than unnecessary clutter. Our apartments come with walk-in closets for your convenience. Store any clutter that might be lying around your home. Own a home that feels bigger and cleaner.

Check out our spacious homes inĀ Austin here at Alexan Riverside. Leasing one of our apartments feels super special, like having that extra legroom in an airplane. Schedule a tour with us today and get your very own spacious abode!