Sculpted Beauty in Austin

Sculpted Beauty in Austin

Find natural and created beauty here at Alexan Riverside. Our luxury apartments put you at the heart of sculpted beauty in Austin. You’re never too far away from a glowing sculpture, a fantastic play, a magical musical concert, or even a mesmerizing modern restaurant or brewery. So let your imagination blossom just outside your front door.

Umlauf Sculpture Museum

The Umlauf Sculpture Museum is a great place for all ages to explore the art world, thanks to its superb outdoor sculptures and ever-changing interior gallery. In addition, it’s only three miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their parking lot in ten minutes. You can also take nearby shuttle buses for even more convenience.

A Stunning Collection

As of today, the Umlauf features over 2000 drawings and 273 sculptures from the titular artist, compiled over fifty years before releasing his works to the public eye. In addition, several of his well-known bronze sculptures are on continuous display in the garden, perfect for family photos under a sunny blue sky. So make plans to spend an afternoon expanding your imagination.

Exciting Events for All

In addition, the museum offers many programs and events for anyone interested. The venue is open for special rentals, including weddings, and guided tours are available by request. There are also special programs for aspiring artists, kids, yoga enthusiasts, and those looking for something new. Think there’s an aspiring artist inside you? Let them out and make the world a more beautiful place.

Admire sculpted beauty in Austin at the Umlauf Museum when you live at Alexan Riverside. A better life is waiting for you here.