S3 Studio at Alexan Riverside - S3 studio luxury apartment floor plan

S3 studio at Alexan Riverside

Living large has its appeal. But there’s something unique about the simplicity and comfort of a compact space. And if you’re considering a stylish studio that combines both. Let’s explore the S3 studio at Alexan Riverside. This S3 studio packs a punch with its thoughtful design, making every inch count. Whether you’re cooking, lounging, or working from home, Alexan Riverside’s S3 layout offers a cozy yet modern vibe that maximizes your living experience.

A World of Coziness

Looking for a cozy nook that feels like home? With 518 SF of stylish living space, the S3 studio offers all the comfort you need. It’s perfect for those who love to live simply yet elegantly. The S3 studio also has modern amenities for your convenience. From smart kitchen setups to space-saving features, this studio ensures every square foot works in your favor.

Walk into Style

Ever felt the need for a bit more room for your fashion collection? The S3 floor plan brings you a spacious walk-in closet. Now, storing all your favorite outfits and accessories is convenient and a pleasure for the eyes! With ample space in the S3 floor plan walk-in closet, you can finally perfectly organize your wardrobe.

Space and Grace

Small doesn’t mean cramped. The carefully designed space in the S3 studio at Alexan Riverside lets you move with grace. Open enough to breathe yet intimate enough to feel like your own retreat. It’s a balance perfect for the modern minimalist. Whether you’re reading a book on a rainy day or hosting a few close friends, this studio adapts to your needs. Make the most of every corner and experience living that’s both efficient and stylish.

Experience the elegance of simple living. Come see the S3 studio at Alexan Riverside for yourself! Schedule a tour today!