Pho Please near Alexan Riverside

Pho Please near Alexan Riverside

Pho is one of the best staples of Vietnamese cuisine: a savory bowl of noodles, broth, your choice of protein, and flavorful garnish made to satisfy nearly any palate. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Riverside puts you close to some of Austin’s best restaurants and eateries. This includes high-quality Pho and Vietnamese food. So celebrate your move with a meal at Pho Please near Alexan Riverside. Your best life starts here.

Pho Please in Austin

Pho Please is a local restaurant that is highly rated for its clean, contemporary atmosphere and its filling menu full of authentic flavor. In addition, it’s located only a tenth of a mile away from our luxury apartments. Walk up for dine-in or easy take-out. You can also make Pho Please your first stop for a night out in Austin. But whether you dine in or enjoy it at home, good food is worth it.

A Simple and Satisfying Menu

Pho Please features an easy, uncluttered menu, and every item is packed full of delicious flavor to appease any palate. Start your lunch or dinner with one of their delectable appetizers, such as homemade bao buns or vegetarian eggrolls. Afterward, enjoy one of their sixteen signature pho bowls, such as their titular Pho Please, with rare steak, tripe, and meatballs. Grab your friends and enjoy yourselves. There’s something for everyone at Pho Please.

Dine Diet-Friendly

Finally, Pho Please offers several options on their menu that cater to diets and special needs. For example, all their rice noodles are gluten-free, and many of their dishes have vegan-friendly variants, including tofu and plant-based proteins. So whether you’re an adventurous eater or have your list of favorite staples, make Pho Please your go-to for easy dining close to home.

Grab a bowl of amazing flavor at Pho Please near Alexan Riverside. Then, schedule your tour today and find a new luxury apartment. Live better here!