Join the Happy Tails Club - dog wrapped in a towel

Join the Happy Tails Club

Alexan Riverside knows how much you adore your furry friends. That’s why our luxury community amenities cater not just to you but to your pets, too. Whether you’re planning a relaxation day or seeking the perfect space for your pet’s playtime, Alexan Riverside offers you this luxury. Give your pets the love they deserve all year round. Come and join the happy tails club!

Sunshine and Playtime

Are warmer days calling you and your pet outside? Our expansive greenspaces are the perfect playgrounds. Start with a fun-filled fetch session, or let your pet roam free, exploring new scents and sights. And if they get a bit messy? Don’t fret! Our state-of-the-art pet spa awaits to clean them up in style. Your pet’s tail won’t stop wagging with all the fun in store.

Cozy Indoors for Everyone

But if it’s a bit chilly or rainy, the indoors at Alexan Riverside are equally inviting. Cuddle up in our resident lounges, and treat yourself and your pet with snacks. Share stories with fellow pet parents over a cup of coffee or play a board game while your pets play by your side. At Alexan Riverside, every day can be a perfect pet day.

Stroll Around and Explore

Situated in a vibrant part of Austin, our location offers both you and your pet a chance to discover the city. Wander through nearby parks or simply stroll around, taking in the urban sights and sounds. And with pet-friendly cafes and boutiques in the vicinity, you and your pet will always find something new to enjoy.

Moving to Alexan Riverside means giving your pet a touch of luxury they’ve always deserved. Schedule your tour tour and join the happy tails club today!