Get into The Buzz - drink options pic by Claire A. Feb 2021 on Yelp

Get into The Buzz

A buzzing hub in the neighborhood, The Buzz Mill offers a unique experience for all who walk through its doors. This special spot is known for its deliciously brewed coffee, unique menu of craft beers, and house-infused elixirs. All set in an atmosphere designed for relaxation and social connection. Get in the buzz at The Buzz Mill near Alexan Riverside!

The Best Locally Roasted Coffee

One of the standout features at The Buzz Mill is coffee. Each cup is crafted from locally roasted beans, ensuring a fresh and robust flavor. Whether you’re a fan of a traditional cup of joe or more inclined towards an expertly pulled espresso. There’s something to satisfy every coffee connoisseur.

Craft Beer and Coffee Delight

But it’s not just coffee that makes The Buzz Mill special. For those who prefer hops to coffee beans, a rotating selection of craft beers and ciders awaits. The menu changes regularly, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to taste. Craft beer lovers will appreciate the range of styles, from light and crisp ales to rich, full-bodied stouts.

Unique In-House Elixirs

Their offerings don’t stop there! One of the most unique aspects of this place is its in-house elixirs. Made from fresh ingredients, these infusions constantly change, always offering a new taste sensation to explore. These elixirs are a treat for the senses and a fun way to shake up your usual drink order.

Swing by The Buzz Mill and find your new favorite hangout when you move to Alexan Riverside. Schedule a tour and get into the buzz today!