Floor to Ceiling Beauty - luxury living room and kitchen

Floor to Ceiling Beauty

Discover comfort from floor-to-ceiling beauty at Alexan Riverside. We’ve got three fantastic upgrades: walk-in showers, floor-to-ceiling tiles, and rain shower heads. You deserve to indulge in the luxury of a spa-like bathroom experience. Prepare to experience the ultimate bathroom luxury and create a stylish and relaxing oasis in your own home!

Walk-In Showers

Step into a whole new level of showering with walk-in showers. Imagine a shower without any obstacles or barriers, making it super easy to enter and exit. No more dealing with pesky shower curtains or stepping over high ledges. With a walk-in shower, you’ll enjoy an open and spacious feel that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It’s like having your spa right at home!

Elevate Your Style

Say goodbye to plain walls and say hello to floor-to-ceiling tiles! They cover the whole wall and make your bathroom look stunning. Plus, they’re easy to clean, which is super helpful. You will love every minute of your β€œme” time. Suddenly preparing for your day or night out with friends is extra thrilling.

Rain Shower Heads

When it’s shower time, you just got even more awesome with rain shower heads! They feel like refreshing rainfall, making you feel relaxed and happy. The best part is they save water, so you’re helping the planet while enjoying your shower. It’s a win-win! Upgrade your bathroom with these incredible features and turn it into a floor-to-ceiling beauty!

Luxury makes every bathroom better, so experience floor-to-ceiling beauty at Alexan Riverside. Reach out and schedule a tour!