Divine Sushi at Uchi - pic by Spencer W. on Yelp

Divine Sushi at Uchi

If there’s one thing that Japanese cuisine is famous for, it’s amazing seafood. Menus often include dishes ranging from grilled or pan-seared fish to finely cut sushi on rice. So whether you prefer raw sushi, cooked rolls, or perhaps even a hot plate of pork or wagyu beef, our luxury apartments at Alexan Riverside will put you close to several of Austin’s finest Japanese restaurants. So celebrate your move into luxury with divine sushi at Uchi.

Uchi in Austin

Translated to “home” in Japanese, Uchi has always prided itself on the freshest quality of ingredients and cuts in every dish. Enjoy the fresh flavors of nigiri and sashimi from the highest-rated restaurant in Austin.

Located only two and a half miles away from our luxury apartments, arriving in time for your reservation is super easy. 

A Delicious Menu for All Cravings

Uchi’s menu changes daily, so there’s always something new to try. Begin your meal with one of their delicious mono appetizers, such as grilled edamame or fried pumpkin kabocha. Afterward, choose from dozens of delightful nigiri and sashimi sushi plates, like the traditional sake Atlantic salmon or the cooked unagi freshwater eel. They also have a separate vegetarian menu, so everyone at the dinner table can find their new favorite dish.

Enjoy Uchi at Your Own Home

Want to host your fancy sushi night at home? Uchi offers take-out for most of its menu items, perfect for date nights or parties at home. So whether you enjoy dine-in or take-out, you never have to miss out on your favorite Uchi dishes.

Schedule your tour today and see what you’ve been missing. Then, celebrate your move to Alexan Riverside with divine sushi at Uchi.