Living Life to the Fullest - luxury apartment interior design

Living Life to the Fullest

We all have our unique ways of living our lives, and finding a home that complements your style is key. We’ve tailored every aspect of our apartments to enhance your living experience and help you achieve the goal of living life to the fullest. Picture this: walking into your new home with soaring ceilings and cooking in a kitchen decked out with granite countertops and stylish appliances. Unwinding in a bathroom that feels like a mini-spa. It’s not just about the features; it’s about how they make you feel – comfortable, proud, and excited to start each day. Take a closer look at what makes Alexan Riverside the perfect place to craft your unique lifestyle and start living life to the fullest.

Sky-High Ceilings

Imagine walking into your apartment and being...

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New Beginnings at Alexan Riverside - one-bedroom apartment floor plan

New Beginnings at Alexan Riverside

As we look forward to 2024, imagine starting each day in a home that’s tailored just for you. At Alexan Riverside, our A1 apartment floor plan is all about creating a space where you can make memories every single day. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is complete with a walk-in closet that spans a comfortable 705 SF. Perfect for anyone who enjoys their own company. With stylish...

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Brighten Your Space - luxury apartment interior design

Brighten Your Space

As we say hello to 2024, it’s a great time to think about new beginnings, and what better way to start than with a new apartment at Alexan Riverside? Our apartments are not just about giving you a roof over your head; they provide a space where comfort meets modern living. With features like faux wood blinds, wireless Bluetooth speakers, and unit intrusion alarms, you’re set for a...

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Austin's B12 Luxury Apartment - two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Austin’s B12 Luxury Apartment

This holiday season, imagine creating lasting memories in a home that’s not just a space, but a dream come true. Austin’s B12 luxury apartment at Alexan Riverside, offers just that. With its expansive 1,490 SF, this floor plan includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and features that elevate everyday living. From the 9-foot or higher ceilings to the wood-vinyl plank flooring, every...

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Emmer & Rye's Fresh Daily Menu - sauteed chicken pieces in blue ceramic plate with salad

Emmer & Rye’s Fresh Daily Menu

Wishing you a plateful of joy and a bellyful of happiness this holiday season. This Alexan Riverside holiday season, prepare for a feast of joy with Emmer & Rye nearby. This cool, warehouse-like restaurant...

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